Click Click Love | About
Here's what I'm all about . . .
Keeping it simple. Being true to myself. Climbing trees. Kissing the ones I love a lot. Being barefoot. Playing the good songs loud.

I think it is so good to . . .
Get wet and sandy. Get dirty and muddy. Feel the wind though your hair. Eat dessert first, sometimes. And get good about imperfections.

All I want for you is to . . .
Be real. Be open. Say yes, even when it's easier to say no.

Show me the people and places that make you shine.
I will show your how beautiful and special your life is.

My photography is about capturing your true selves in the moment. Real, natural, personal and all you. Your shots come together in the moment, and disappear just as quickly as we run off to play or eat, cry or laugh. I am there to witness and tell the story of you and your family. It's as simple as that.

Click Click Love is a combination of my two passions: family photography and photojournalism. The result is a photography session as beautiful and unique as you. No two shoots are ever the same, and you shouldn't expect your photos to look like anyone else's sessions with me or with any other photographer out there.

I have over fifteen years of photography experience, a Master's Degree in Photojournalism from Boston University, and many successful positions in news photography with the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated, The Eagle Tribune and many other local New England media outlets, as well as previously holding the position as the Photo Editor of The Improper Bostonian. And there are the awards, such as the 2003 Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News, New England Press Photographer's Awards, The Society of Professional Journalists, and more. I'm also regularly featured on Let the Kids Dress Themselves and am a Clickin' Mom Pro. All of these experiences have helped to culminate into my one-of-a-kind vision and style. If you want the rest of the resume, I'll patch you through to my mom.

Let's go on an adventure together. I'll give you a story you can share for years to come.
Photo Credit: Catherine Giroux